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Green Cleaning

Global environmental issues, such as climate change and deforestation, have emerged as new challenges for people throughout the world. Many countries aim to become a low-carbon society through green growth achieved via green technologies and green industries which enhance eco-efficiency while minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

Green Technology is the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimize and reduces the negative impact of human activities.

green-cleaning-services-nyc-300x210Green Cleaning is defined as cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. A green cleaning program goes beyond chemical and equipment choices. It includes policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning materials on the health of building occupants and protect the environment as a whole (Silverstein, 2008).

Going green is becoming increasingly attractive as a business strategy. As headlines scream of pollution and dwindling natural resources, green industry practices not only enjoy benevolent public sentiment and the psychic income of a lower carbon footprint, but increased cost savings, supportive government policies and ever-increasing profitability as well (Bradshaw & Solistro, 2011).

“GREEN” cleaning is HEALTHY cleaning – how to go green:

Getting rid of toxins in your home – and getting your home healthy – doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In a few easy steps you can improve your indoor air quality and decrease your exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes. Making the shift to natural cleaning products will also help the environment outside of your home: by decreasing the amount of chemicals that are release into our soil, water supply, and air you are contributing to the shift toward eco-friendly, healthier ways of living for everyone.

Step 1.  Get rid of the toxic cleaning products in your home. The City of Seattle has designated chemical waste drop locations. Call us for more details.
Step 2. Switch to natural cleaning products.

Bioion products are the one you CAN TRUST. Because it is 100% plant extract products that doesn’t harm you and the environment.

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